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The present privacy policy is an integral component of our website and of the services offered by us. Should you not be in agreement with the present privacy policy, we would ask you not to use our website. In order to use our website and our services, you are required to read and understand the present privacy policy.
The accommodation Pension Widmann may amend or update the present privacy policy in whole or in part. Amendments and additions to the privacy policy may be viewed by all users in the privacy column of the website and are binding with effect from publication on the website. Should the user not be in agreement with the amendments, he may cease using our website. The continued use of our website and our services subsequent to publication of the aforementioned amendments and/or modifications shall be deemed acceptance of the amendments and acknowledgement of the binding nature of the new conditions. The website is the property of the accommodation Pension Widmann and is administered by the said accommodation.

Disclosure in accordance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003

We hereby inform you that your personal information and data will be handled in our Pension Widmann electronic and/or paper archives, in strict compliance with the measures laid down by law no. 196 on the handling of personal data and information. We hereby guarantee that all data and information will be treated as strictly confidential and handled for the following purposes:

  • compiling papers on order to fulfil the obligations required by the relevant laws and especially by the Single Text on Public Safety;
  • keeping you fully up to date with catalogues, price lists and special promotional offers of Pension Widmann.

Supplying the above data is compulsory and is required by a specific law. Without this information, it is impossible to establish contractual relations. In order to make sure that this information is handled correctly, we ask you to inform us immediately of any changes to said data.

In accordance with the law, your personal data will be processed in compliance with the basic rights and the dignity of the person involved, in particular for what concerns privacy, personal identity and the right to protect such data.

Disclosure to third parties

In no circumstances are your personal data disclosed unless statutory provisions require that they are submitted to a judicial authority or other corporate bodies and institutes.

In addition, the accommodion Pension Widmann uses the services of other companies and/or people to perform specific services. The aforementioned third parties have access only to those personal data, which are absolutely necessary for them to carry out their responsibilities. The accommodation stresses that these third parties are forbidden from using the personal data for other purposes and are under a duty to use these data in conformity with the privacy policy and the statutory provisions currently in force.

Exercise of existing rights

In accordance with Article 7 Data Protection Code, the person concerned has at any time the right to receive confirmation regarding the existence or non-existence of personal data and to discover the content and origin of these data, to check their accuracy and completeness and to request that they are updated or corrected. Furthermore, he is entitled to require that data, which have been used illegally, are deleted, anonymised or blocked and to oppose the use of the said data at any time for good cause. For these purposes, the person concerned must contact the owner of the data processing system or the data security officer via the email address

General information about cookies

What are cookies?

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Technical cookies

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Profile cookies

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Which cookies are used on this website?

We use technical cookies, and third-party cookies on this website.

How to disable cookies

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Processing of personal data

The holder of the referenced processing is:

Pension Widmann
Jürgen Widmann
Stulles 7/a
39013 Moso in Passiria
South Tyrol – Italy
Tel. +39 0473 649514 – Fax

Legal representative: Jürgen Widmann
VAT-Nr.: IT02714090210
Responsibility for contents according to law RStV 55, co. 2: Jürgen Widmann

Personal data are processed solely within the meaning of the present data protection statement, by officers and employees of Pension Widmann who are expressly appointed as authorised agents for the purposes of data protection processing. The employees have been appropriately trained in this respect and work under the direct supervision and responsibility of the proprietor of the data protection processing. A current list of all data protection authorised agents may be requested by email from the proprietor itself or from the data processing officer at